Say Hello to Agile Sales

Meet eCat - the B2B mobile sales platform that works for your business.

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Empower Your Sales Team

Organize all the up-to-date information your teams need at their fingertips everywhere - on the road, at trade shows, or online - so they'll always be ready to seize the next opportunity!

From beginning to end, SuperCat’s B2B sales solutions streamline operations and supercharge sales teams —
so you can focus on driving business forward.

Our Solutions


Information, the Instant You Need It

Simple. Powerful. Fast. SuperCat's iPad app reflects the same thought and craftsmanship that make your company’s products the best in your market.

Fully functional online or offline, eCat for iPad enables your sales reps to quickly find the products customers need, email product info, create custom PDF and Excel presentations, easily configure and price custom products, submit quotes/orders, view sales history, and much more. All without the unwieldiness of catalogs, price lists and other paper and web hosted sales collateral.

With eCat, your teams can access everything they need with the tap of a finger, no matter where they are.

Product Features

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eCat Online

Your Catalog, Unleashed

Unlimited product, availability, pricing, sales collateral, and more... on any connected device.

Use eCat Online to turn your website into a virtual shopping experience tailored by user type, creating a seamless brand experience across the entire sales and customer engagement cycle.

Whether implemented as a simple public product catalog plug-in for your marketing website or a fully functioning B2B eCommerce platform, eCat Online is an elegant online catalog solution for product manufacturers and distributors.

Product Features

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eCat Sales Portal

Your Window to Sales Efficiency

eCat Sales Portal dashboards and reports provide your teams a single point of sales performance visibility — giving them data and insights to make better decisions faster and to serve customers more effectively.

And with 24/7 order, invoice, shipment status, and more available to your customers on any connected device, you'll see a significant reduction in customer service load.

Product Features

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eCat Admin Console

Command Central

Where admin portal meets product information management — eCat Admin Console is your central command center for the entire SuperCat portfolio.

From validating and securely storing your data in our cloud, to managing what users can do and see in your eCat suite, eCat Admin Console gives you complete control over your data and enables you to tailor our services to your company’s needs. It also provides total visibility over service usage by user, incoming order reporting, and more.

Contact us today to learn how SuperCat solutions can help supercharge your sales operation.

Product Features

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Stay in Sync

The entire SuperCat product suite integrates with any back office ERP system.

Automatically send product, pricing, inventory balances, customer and sales information directly from your company’s server to SuperCat’s data management system, or use eCat IM to interactively upload data files. Automatic updates keep your team up to date and in the know.

All files are thoroughly checked during import with detailed error reporting for reliability and efficient data management. Use APIs to transfer orders directly to your back office system real time or in batches.

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About SuperCat Solutions

We apply deep experience in sales operations and wholesale distribution to solving the unique challenges you face every day.

After consulting with you to understand your business, we configure software services to meet your specific needs. Our practical business experience and technical expertise equip us to stay ahead of new challenges in an evolving industry - so you can focus on long-term customer value.

SuperCat Solutions has no outside investors, is profitable, and growing. We do not share or monetize in any way the data entrusted to us by our clients.


What Clients Say

Companies rely on us every day to build sales, turn inventory faster, reduce customer service calls, more quickly adapt to changing market conditions, and lead their customers to success.

eCat flexibly configures to the way we do business. We are very pleased with what it enables us to do.

Monty Sihweil, President, Butler Specialty Furniture

Over the past 25 years, eCat is the best thing that has ever happened to this company. The reps are now mobile. They are in love. And they certainly don't miss all the paper!

Joel, VP of Information Technology, Godinger Silver Art

Reps don’t call as much as they used to for product details such as the wattage of a lamp, shade size and availability because they’ve already got it. I’ve reduced by a third the number of calls per day. Reps send in orders via email rather than by faxing them in, making the system much more efficient for everyone.

Erin Yevak, sales and marketing manager, Wildwood Lamps and Accents/Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture

The high level of service is one of the reasons why Feiss-Monte Carlo went with SuperCat. The guys at SuperCat have years of experience and are settled professionally. They are not only true to their words, but they’ve exhibited that truth through their actions. They go above and beyond to provide support. SuperCat is top notch.

Joe Belkevich, VP, Feiss Lighting/Monte Carlo Fan Company

SuperCat’s support is amazing. The extremely high level of customer service at SuperCat has made all the difference. They are very patient and responsive to our needs. There may be slightly less expensive apps out there, but you can’t compete with this level of service. You get what you pay for!

Joel Stern, VP of IT, Godinger Silver Art

eCat is amazingly powerful for something so simple to use. It's changed the way I work in significant and unexpected ways because I'm now able to be so close to and engaged with what's happening with our merchandise, inventory, and orders. The amount of information I'm getting by looking at our product lines and orders visually like this is absolutely incredible. I can't imagine now what I'd do without it.

Charles Hoffman, President, Sarreid Ltd.