About SuperCat

SuperCat Solutions’ mission is to create reliable, simple to use software that enables road sales reps to quickly match product to customer needs and take the order. SuperCat’s ‘eCat’ product was developed specifically for home furnishings road reps and has been in active field use since September 2010. Our development team is a highly dedicated and competent group of professionals with extensive experience creating complex, data intensive web and mobile device applications with easy to use user interfaces.

'eCat', SuperCat’s IPAD based sales tool, was developed using a cloud based hosting approach that provides the power and flexibility of on-demand, high reliability computing and storage capacity. eCat is a native code IPAD application that is self contained and fully functional even when the IPAD is offline. When the IPAD is on line, product and inventory data is downloaded from eCat’s web app via API’s to the IPAD to keep the sales person’s information in sync with the home office’s product and inventory system.

Quality and reliability are core values at SuperCat Solutions. The Ruby code in our web app Rails framework integrates automated test code using Cucumber ( Test cases are written right into the code and developers execute the full suite of tests prior to each deployment. If any test fails, the code is patched or the test is updated to ensure the code performs as expected. This ensures greater software code stability than can be achieved with manual processes alone.