eCat Features

The Ultimate Selling Tool

The Ultimate Selling Tool

eCat was created for the real world of selling and does it all - from presenting products, to emailing proposals and submitting orders in record time. eCat's clean design makes it easy to learn and use. eCat is always up-to-date and well organized, so reps save time and make more sales calls. Management saves money on sales materials, builds sales, improves inventory turns, reduces customer service time, and receives quick feedback on sales activity.

How eCat Works

eCat - Display Your Brand

Display Your Brand

Upload logos and brand imagery to eCat using the provided web admin tools.

Change them as often as you like!

eCat - Updates

Stay Up-to-Date

The latest product, pricing, inventory, and customer information automatically syncs from eCat's cloud server to your sales team's iPads - so eCat stays completely current.

Get Organized

Publish marketing brands and collections in the order and with the names that you choose.

Classify products by functional group and category to simplify search.

Create special product groupings in self-maintaining SmartStacks published to all company iPads. Use these for special promotions, showroom “walk throughs”, best seller lists, direct container programs, or whatever you can imagine!

eCat - Organization
eCat - Product Photo

Start the Show

eCat puts the focus where it belongs - on your products. App controls and product data stay in the background. Your product is center stage.

Pinch or double tap to zoom in on details. Swipe to change products. Tap to hide the toolbars. eCat does it all!

Get the Details

Check current inventory in multiple warehouses. Look up next arrival date and quantity. Check product status. View product materials, features and other specs. Read the product story.

All of your company’s product data can be published to eCat

eCat - Product Details
eCat - Related Items

Meet the Family

Tap to view images and product details for related items. All while keeping your place in a presentation.

Tap to see full details on each item, or to add an item to a list or order

eCat - Share


Just tap photos to select products, then save, email, and print product presentations.

Customers can click email thumbnails to view and print full page ‘tear sheets’ with product details and story.

If a customer likes what they see, add items from the saved selection to an order with just a few taps!

eCat - Order Products

Make the Sale

Tap images or scan bar codes to quickly add items to orders. Enter quantities from the product presentation views or order preview.

eCat enables you to match the order taking method to the sales situation.

eCat - Adding Discounts

Apply Discounts, Cube Containers & More!

Quickly adjust order quantities to fill trucks or ocean containers. Apply discounts to order lines by percentage, fixed amount, price override, or by selecting an alternate price level. Apply fixed dollar or percentage discounts to the entire order.

When finished, submit the order to the server and email a copy to your customer.