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Document Library

Overview #

Your company can publish sales literature, newsletters, forms, price lists, videos, and other materials to your eCat Library. You can view, print, and email library documents, and open them in other iPad apps. The library is organized into sections, each of which contains one or more entries. Entries can be documents (files), or they can be links to files, videos, web sites, etc. accessed over the Internet.

Tap the 'Library' button under MyStacks on the navigation panel to access the library. Then tap an entry name to view a document.

Library E Cat View

Working with library entries #

Tap an entry name to view the entry. Then tap the 'Actions' icon on the right side of the top toolbar to share or print the entry or to open it in another app on your iPad.  For example, you could open a PDF form in an app like 'PDF Xpert', fill it out, then email the completed form - all without using paper.

Library Open In

Viewing Entries Full Screen #

To hide the list of Library entries and view the currently selected entry full screen, tap the 'expand' icon (arrows) to the right of the 'Select' button.  Tap the 'Contract' button (arrows) to revert to showing the Library entry list.

Library Full Screen

Emailing library entries #

To email an individual library entry, select the entry and tap the 'Email' button at the top right.

To select multiple entries to send in a single email, tap the 'Select' button at the top of the Library entry list. Then tap the radio buttons next to the entries to be emailed. The selected entries will be previewed in the right panel for confirmation. When finished, tap 'Email'. Then address and send the email.

Library Multi Select

Email with links to multiple documents #

Library Email

Tips & Tricks

  • You can fill out PDF forms in your Library by opening them in a separate app like 'PDF Expert'. You can also work with spreadsheets published to your Library by opening them in Numbers or Excel on your iPad.
  • Note that while your iPad is offline it's not possible to open and view library entries that are links. You can however add links to emails and send them to the mail outbox whether or not the iPad is online.