Our Team

Steve - Partner, President

Steve has more than 27 years of experience in the home furnishings industry ranging from managing overseas product development, purchasing, and sourcing, to selecting, installing, and maintaining back office IT systems and showroom order scanning solutions. He initiated the eCat project after watching sales reps struggle to sell furniture using catalogs and thousands of loose sales sheets. Steve works closely with companies, sales reps, and the development team to ensure that eCat meets the needs of both sales reps and customer companies.

David - iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac Developer

David builds iPhone, iPad and Mac OS and Android projects and is known for delivering rock solid mobile applications including "eCat", SuperCat’s iPad app. His attention to detail, expertise in data modeling, and broad ranging technical skills result in clean, reliable code. David’s resume includes over 20 years’ of application development with IBM and an additional 10 years as an independent developer.

Brian - Web Application Developer

Brian has more than three decades of application development experience and is responsible for SuperCat's data management and Ruby on Rails web app. He’s proficient in many programming languages and uses his background in system design to quickly demystify just about any project. Brian is also an educator who communicates well with both technical and non-technical clients.

Rich - User Interface Designer and Artist

Rich is an expert in designing apps to ensure both a great user experience and a clean, beautiful presentation. He and David collaborate to ensure that SuperCat's software complies with Apple’s user interface guidelines and is both highly functional and intuitively easy to use.

Dan - Implementation & Support Specialist

In addition to degrees in computer science and MIS, as a retired Lt. Commander with the U.S. Navy Supply Corps, Dan has extensive practical experience in logistics, inventory, warehousing, and distribution in a variety of challenging contexts. This, and his experience with IBM on their PC division support team and in other training roles, uniquely qualifies him to support SuperCat’s customers.

Larry - Partner, Web Developer, Graphics

Larry has extensive experience preparing photography for web applications and was instrumental in working out specs for preparing product images for optimal display within eCat on the iPad. He's also an accomplished Linux system administrator, Perl, PHP, and MySql programmer, and a talented web site developer.

Dave - Project Manager, Consultant

As an experienced leader and IBM alum with more than 17 years in technology and consulting companies, Dave’s been both a customer and a consultant. He serves SuperCat as a resource for improving processes, and maintaining focus on our core values.

Nathanial - Partner, Consultant

Nathaniel is a developer and technologist but most of all, a passionate entrepreneur. A leader in the RTP, NC Lean Startup community and founder of the Raleigh Ruby Brigade, Nathaniel speaks at Ruby conferences and is the author of test/unit and several other Ruby libraries. With more than a decade of programing and startup company experience, he’s a recognized authority on creating revenue generating iPhone, iPad, and web software. Nathaniel assembled SuperCat’s developer team and is our go-to person for solving difficult problems, both in code and in business.