What Sales Reps are saying about eCat

My iPad and eCat is the most wonderful sales tool I have ever had. I am learning new functions everyday and I can't believe the homework that has been done to make this available to me. Customers absolutely love the iPad presentation. I had one savvy customer who depends a lot on computers ask me if I could show them paper photos at the beginning of the presentation. I said “no” and continued with my iPad. At the end of the presentation she said she needed to get an iPad for herself! I think in some cases my orders are double the size they would be with paper photos. I can't thank you all as much as I really want to. We have exceeded industry standards on this program and tool. I'm ready to "rock and roll".
Stephen C. Davis (sales representative)
I know that we tend to take things for granted sometimes but I wanted to just say, "Thank you all for the new iPad program". It is hard to walk in to a customer's store with two big bags of pictures and impossible to do so with a cold call. I spent a lot of my road time this past week making cold calls on new customers. It was great having all my products in one hand and even better that just taking in the iPad did not turn anyone off. I know that one of our main goals for 2011 is going to be new accounts. This past week showed me that making cold calls can work. All I needed to do was find one thing the customer was looking for then my iPad was out and my whole line was at my fingertips
John Reid (sales rep)
The iPad was very useful today, but probably not for the conventional reasons. The buyer said she likes to do it the old fashioned way - with glossies. She thought she could shoot through them faster. She is very impatient, and very busy. But, she found that she could actually move faster with the iPad and that made her happy!! I had to keep her on the full sized images rather than the thumbnails or she would have finished the entire line in about 45 seconds!! (The sales session resulted in a very nice order!)
Dan Harrison (sales rep)
Just to follow up my call to you of last week… I cannot tell you how much eCat contributed to working with our customer on their development projects last week. With our Kennebunkport designer, the project developer, his Miami designer, Rudy and me all working on multiple projects at the same time we did in two days what could have taken four. The ease with which I could show so many options for any given item kept the designers focused on our products with no idle time to research competitors' merchandise. The iPad color, clarity and close ups made for easy decisions. The project developer had his iPad too, so he was impressed that we were so totally high-tech. Thanks to you and your support team....orders to follow. (The order totaled more than two ocean containers.)