What Companies are saying about eCat

Over the past decade or so, we have trained our sales staff on many, many different programs, which took on average two trade show cycles to learn. But with this program, within two to three hours, all the reps are fluent in it. Reps love it because it’s so easy to understand. As one of our reps told me, over the past 25 years, eCat is the best thing that has ever happened to this company. The reps are now mobile. They are in love! And they certainly don’t miss all the paper. It was well worth the money and the time to go with eCat. Obviously, any company that wants to be successful in the future needs to have this program.
Joel Stern, vice president of information technology, Godinger Silver Art
The sales reps are pretty excited about the new sales tool. Based on the initial roll out, all the guys and gals love eCat. It meets their needs on the road 100%. We launched eCat two months ago and haven’t had any real problems. We will be adding more functionality in the future. When we are done we believe this platform will handle all of our sales tool needs, both on the road and in the showroom.
Joe Belkevich, VP Administration, Murray Feiss Lighting & Monte Carlo Fan Company
Reps don’t call as much as they used to for product details such as the wattage of a lamp, shade size and availability because they’ve already got it. I’ve reduced by a third the number of calls per day. Reps send in orders via email rather than by faxing them in, making the system much more efficient for everyone.
Erin Yevak, sales and marketing manager, Wildwood Lamps and Accents/Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture.
eCat is amazingly powerful for something so simple to use. It's changed the way I work in significant and unexpected ways because I'm so close to and engaged with what's happening with our merchandise, inventory, and orders. I see a copy of every order the minute it comes in so I can interact with the reps right away about what they are doing for the company and customers. Every night I go through the product by category to see what's happening with the lines, what vendors are delivering, where we are out of stock, and how the promos are selling. The amount of information I'm getting by looking at our product lines and orders visually like this is absolutely incredible. I can't imagine now what I'd do without it.
Charles Hoffman, Sarreid Ltd. Owner, VP Sales
eCat is an intuitive product. When it comes to functionality, it’s seamless. With just a stroke of your finger you control the whole program. Other companies offered a similar product, but it was a one size fits all. eCat gives us flexibility to conform to the way we do business. We are very pleased with what it enables us to do.
Monty Sihweil, vice president of marketing, Butler Specialty Furniture
When the rep inputs an order in eCat, it goes straight to the office. We get more orders completed each day, since in the past most things were faxed in, which took a lot longer. eCat simplifies the order process, which results in more business since sales reps can spend more quality time with dealers. eCat is a good value. SuperCat keeps expanding and adding new features to eCat along the way so we always have the latest and greatest version of the app. eCat has lived up to our expectations in every way. When I look at it offers my company - what eCat brings as far as the ability to sell product - the return on investment (ROI) is rather large. It is very well priced for what the takeaway is and has been a great investment for us.
Michael Beaver, president, Somerset Bay/Modern History.
Susie, the new Pennsylvania rep, needed sales kits for both Sarreid and Encore. I gave her a call, she downloaded the eCat app from the app store to her IPAD, signed in and did the initial sync. In just a few minutes she had the complete sales kits in her hand, up-to-date and ready to go. That’s it. Easy! Saved more than two weeks over the old 'recover the previous rep's sales kit, bring it up to date and send it back out' method!
Larry Sandwick, Sarreid Ltd. back office.
eCat is really easy to use, even for people without tech backgrounds. The sales reps and everyone in the home office have embraced the use of the app. One or two were behind the curve, but with just a little hand holding, they caught on very quickly. When a rep from our company walks into a store and pulls out their iPad with eCat, it reflects very positively on our company. It shows that we aren’t old school, but are leading in technology. When reps show a sales presentation, it is more effective and organized than when they used to do it, fumbling around with loose leaf pictures or catalogs. Reps can organize their own stacks in order to customize a presentation to the dealer. Creating a personalized portfolio of images means our reps don’t waste the buyer’s time. This has definitely resulted in more sales.
Moore Councill, president,Moore Councill Furniture
We wanted to use technology to make it easier for reps to write orders. With eCat, reps can create presentations for different dealers and present them quickly. They can email product photos and check pricing and availability when they are with a buyer. And they can check customer sales history and backlogs on our FurnishWEB sales portal, which SuperCat has integrated with eCat. So they bring their entire office with them on the iPad. Before, they had to call in and ask us questions. This has resulted in increased sales.