The Ultimate Selling Tool:

eCat was created for the real world of selling on the road. Developed by a technical team from an operations perspective, we understand what management wants and what sales reps need. It's that simple. eCat does it all, from vividly displaying your products to taking and submitting orders in record time. So your sales reps can make more calls. Presentations can be customized to each dealer including pricing level. And, it lightens your reps' load to just one and a half pounds, versus lugging around unwieldy printed sales materials.

The Ultimate Management Tool:

eCat isn't a glorified printed catalog. When eCat automatically syncs with a web server over a secure connection, your reps receive instant updates...just like that. Using a shopping cart, orders are taken and submitted from the retailer's office, or your showroom giving you accurate, up-to-the-minute feedback on the sales activities of each rep and each dealer. And, no one has to worry anymore about trying to read handwriting!

The Ultimate for your Dealers:

Reps can check inventories on the spot. Buyers can look at product the way they want to- by product group, category, brand, collection, new products only or available product only. And they can zoom in on photos to see product details and features on the crisp, beautiful, IPAD screen. As they review the order, they see reference photos.

eCat: Simply...The Ultimate.

When you know exactly what's happening out in the field, you can better manage your business. Reliable and ever intuitive, eCat is the only sales app you'll ever need.