Printed Sales Materials

+ Interactive

- Inactive

+ 1.5 lbs. fully loaded

- Heavy, unwieldy sales materials

+ Real time updates

- Outdated when the ink dries

+ Instantly pull discontinued items

- Reprint or update manually

+ Prices at your fingertips

- Multiple price lists to shuffle through and maintain

+ Flexible customized presentations

- Sorted stacks of photos

+ Simply tap to enter orders

- Orders handwritten, mailed & faxed

+ Product photos come to life

- Photos look flat

+ Real time sales reports

- Weekly or monthly sales reports

+ Corporate control of the brand

- Reps create their own presentations

+ Works online or offline

- It's just paper

+ Always organized

- Difficult to keep organized

+ Publish additions and changes quickly and inexpensively

- Time consuming and expensive to update and distribute