Check out eCat version 2016.6!

(December __, 2016)

More PDF catalog flexibility

It's now possible to exit the Catalog Creator without clearing the work done on a catalog.  Product selections, titles, sort sequence, page breaks, etc. are automatically saved until a new catalog is started.  So users can now

  • add more items to the catalog they're working on,
  • change/hide pricing in Settings to publish multiple price versions of a catalog,
  • suspend work on a catalog and resume it later.

More PDF catalog data

Admins can now define an additional row in every catalog layout, for up to 5 rows total.  This includes catalogs without the standard item#/price row.

Create CSV data files with eCat

It's now possible to export eCat data in CSV format for use in spreadsheets or data exchange.  When users tap 'Create Catalog', CSV export formats they are authorized to use are listed with the other catalog formats. To create the CSV file, users select the format, select the items to include in the file, then tap 'Done'.  A preview of the CSV file will display.  

Admins define CSV export formats in the same place as other catalog formats as follows.

  • Start creating a new catalog format and choose CSV as the format.
  • Give the catalog a descriptive name that includes 'CSV', so it can be easily identified.
  • Uncheck the 'Display item number...' box.
  • Select up to 20 fields to export in the CSV file, starting with line 2, field1 and going down without skipping any field selection blanks.
  • Specify CSV field labels/column headers in the 'Label' blanks.  If no labels are specified, eCat will use standard field names.