eCat version 2021.4 Preview

This new eCat release of eCat introduces 'group scanning' as a way to speed up ordering related items in showrooms.

Group Scanning Overview

Group scanning enables displaying a set of related items after one of the items is scanned in a showroom. This can be useful in cases like the following.

  • When only a representative sample of an item available in different finishes under different item numbers is present in the showroom, the group scan feature can be used to display all variants of the item for ordering after the showroom sample is scanned.
  • If there are multiple components or accessories for an item, for example a ceiling fan motor, fan blades in different colors, light kit options, and remote controllers, the group scan feature can be used to display all accessories for selection and ordering after the item is scanned.
  • When there are multiple sizes of an item but only a representative sample in the showroom, for example a rug style available in five sizes and different shapes, the group scan feature can be used to show all sizes for fast selection and ordering.


You may now specify a new column in products.csv: "ScanGroupCodes". This is a comma-delimited list of text codes that will be used to identify a scan group.

The scan group codes may not be the same as an item number (BaseItemCode) or a UPC value (UpcValue).

The scan group codes work as follows:

  • Users may scan 1 of 3 types of things to load a scan group:
    • The item number of a product in a scan group
    • The UPC of a product in a scan group
    • A scan group code
  • If you scan a barcode that refers directly to a product, e.g. a UPC or item number, it will load a scan group with that product at the top. The other products in the scan group will be products that match the scanned product's first scan group code.

Please see the knowledge article for more information.