Old iPads & New Features

Time flies!  It's hard to believe iPads were introduced to the world over six and a half years ago.  Five months later, the first orders were taken with eCat.  Both iPad and eCat have seen a lot of improvements since then!

Many eCat users use older iPad models.  We want to help you to get full value from your iPad purchase.  So we work hard to ensure eCat performs well on older iPads.  However we also want to use the power of late model iPads to provide awesome new selling tools.  This is why some new eCat features are available only on the newer iPad models that are powerful enough to handle them.

For example, a recent version of eCat introduced a custom PDF catalog creator.  This powerful feature enables eCat users to create customized PDF catalogs for customers using multiple formats defined by you in the admin portal.  Creating the catalogs on your iPad requires more memory and processing power than is available on older iPads.  So unfortunately the new catalog creator is not available on the iPad1, iPad2, or the first generation iPad Mini, models discontinued by Apple over 4 years ago.  eCat will continue to fully function on these older iPads, but with the original eCat fixed format PDF feature instead of the new custom PDF catalog creator.

To ensure the fastest performance and best experience for both you and your customers, we recommend upgrading iPads to the latest model every 3~4 years.  The least expensive iPad version will suffice.  eCat doesn't require extra storage.  And a WiFi hot spot from your cellular service provider is usually a better deal than the iPad's internal cellular radio.

Older iPad models make great gifts for younger family members and friends.  So if your iPad is more than 3~4 years old, please consider upgrading.  You'll be glad you did!