Introducing eCat 2023.3

Posted: Jun 09, 2023

We are excited to release the latest version of eCat, 2023.3 with even richer PDF presentations, branded barcode tags, new sort options and more! This update introduces a range of new features designed to help your team work more efficiently and sell more effectively. Read on to discover how this new version of eCat can benefit your business!

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eCat version 2023.1

Posted: Apr 10, 2023

Check out eCat version 2023.1!

The latest version of eCat is now available in the App Store. This version of eCat adds Resource Library navigation enhancements, improved alerts for required order header fields, and other general improvements.

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Custom Order Header Field Update

Posted: Jan 31, 2023

We've released improvements to our Custom Order Header Fields feature that make it even more powerful to integrate the eCat

First, what are Custom Order Header fields? eCat and eCat Online include several default header fields, but it's often useful to have reps collect information key to order fulfillment, marketing automation, or other processes specific to your needs. For that we allow you to define custom fields that will be collected at order finalization time and made available in our Order Export process.

You can use it for any number of things:

  • Collect fulfillment related information not included in our default header fields, such as tax ID, secondary PO numbers, etc.
  • Select from a list of marketing campaigns.

What's New

Our recent release allows you to define up to 10 custom fields (up from 3).

Also, in addition to the multi-select option we already supported, we now allow you to collect text, numbers, and dates.

Finally, we allow you to require the user to enter a value in order to submit the order.

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eCat version 2022.5

Posted: Dec 05, 2022

Check out eCat version 2022.5!

The latest version of eCat is now available in the App Store. This version of eCat adds powerful new order and list scanning features, a new option for linking PDF presentations to your eCat Online product detail pages, and other order entry and general improvements.

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UPDATE: FTP Server Upgrade

Posted: Sep 13, 2021

Saturday morning's announced FTP file processing server upgrade went great. Total FTP site downtime was one minute. eCat (iPad app) and all eCat Online websites continued operating normally and were not affected. You should start noticing more consistently fast FTP site performance immediately.

Thank you for your business. It's our pleasure to serve you!

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ADMIN ALERT: FTP Server Upgrade

Posted: Sep 13, 2021

For a brief period sometime between 5am and 8am Eastern time Saturday, September 11 it will not be possible to upload files to SuperCat's FTP server. All other eCat and eCat Online services will continue to function normally. Please notify your IT department so they will not be concerned by any error messages in your company's file transfer logs.

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Check out eCat version 2020.3

Posted: Jun 18, 2020

eCat version 2020.3 provides powerful Library and order scanning enhancements.

It's now much easier to find your place in large PDF format Library documents.  The barcode scanning feature built into eCat has been completely reworked so it's lightning fast and automatically recognizes the 14 most common barcode types.

Version 2020.3 also delivers enhanced file security on the iPad and lays the groundwork for important new order management functionality to be delivered in the next two versions of eCat.

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Pass this Info to Your Technical Team!

Posted: Mar 16, 2020

On Saturday 3/14 we made major infrastructure changes as part of our ongoing process to maintain reliability and performance.  These included (1) switching to a new and faster production server, (2) updating critical software to ensure ongoing security and stability, and (3) turning off the legacy FTP server used for importing data and photos.  This was done without any interruption of service.  eCat and eCat Online continue to function normally.  

Please pass the following information on to your tech team to ensure your data updates continue to work normally.

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**Important eCat FTP Site Changes**

Posted: Mar 14, 2020

During the period just before the 2019 October High Point market SuperCat's file import servers processed over 25,000 new product photos  totaling over 4.5 terabytes along with more than 10,000 data files!  We're delighted what we were able to handle this load with no problems.  To support further growth and to improve service speed, we are upgrading our eCat FTP server and data import process.  This should reduce import processing time by 90% for certain types of files. 

If your company is currently uploading data files and photos to our server via FTP, these changes will affect you.  Please pass this notice along to your IT team so they can make necessary changes.

Here are the key points you need to know:

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Check out eCat version 2019.5

Posted: Oct 07, 2019


  • Support pinch/zoom in library documents
  • Export Excel files with embedded product photos
  • Enable repeating items in SmartStacks for showroom walk-throughs
  • Enable searching shipping locations
  • Improve error handling when submitting showroom orders

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eCat Product Photos

Posted: Oct 03, 2019

(10/3/19) Over the past few days we've processed thousands of new products photo into eCat for High Point Market introductions.  We'll process many thousands more in the coming days.  Look forward to seeing all that new product at market week after next!

As a reminder, to ensure faster image processing there is a 15MB size limit on product photos.  Any image files above that limit will be retained in the FTP site, but will not be processed.  Please review our product photo guidelines for further details.   You may want to pass these along to your graphic arts department.  Following the guidelines on image cropping can make a huge difference in the attractiveness of your products in the eCat catalog, PDF presentations, emails, etc.

All the best,

Your SuperCat Team

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Alert: eCat and iOS 13

Posted: Oct 03, 2019

(9/30/19) The most recent version of eCat, v2019.4.3.2 was released a week ago to accommodate changes introduced in iOS 13.  If you've followed the news you may have seen that iOS 13, which just came out for iPads 4 days ago, is buggier than normal.  Users have reported problems with eCat after updating their iPads to iOS 13.  

We've submitted a new version of eCat to the app store which fixes the problems that have been reported.  However, we recommend asking your eCat users to wait on updating to iOS 13 until things have settled down some.

Your SuperCat Team

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Check out eCat version 2016.6!

Posted: Dec 19, 2016

(December __, 2016)

More PDF catalog flexibility

It's now possible to exit the Catalog Creator without clearing the work done on a catalog.  Product selections, titles, sort sequence, page breaks, etc. are automatically saved until a new catalog is started.  So users can now

  • add more items to the catalog they're working on,
  • change/hide pricing in Settings to publish multiple price versions of a catalog,
  • suspend work on a catalog and resume it later.

More PDF catalog data

Admins can now define an additional row in every catalog layout, for up to 5 rows total.  This includes catalogs without the standard item#/price row.

Create CSV data files with eCat

It's now possible to export eCat data in CSV format for use in spreadsheets or data exchange.  When users tap 'Create Catalog', CSV export formats they are authorized to use are listed with the other catalog formats. To create the CSV file, users select the format, select the items to include in the file, then tap 'Done'.  A preview of the CSV file will display.  

Admins define CSV export formats in the same place as other catalog formats as follows.

  • Start creating a new catalog format and choose CSV as the format.
  • Give the catalog a descriptive name that includes 'CSV', so it can be easily identified.
  • Uncheck the 'Display item number...' box.
  • Select up to 20 fields to export in the CSV file, starting with line 2, field1 and going down without skipping any field selection blanks.
  • Specify CSV field labels/column headers in the 'Label' blanks.  If no labels are specified, eCat will use standard field names.

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Check out eCat's PDF Catalog Creator!

Posted: Mar 05, 2019

eCat's new PDF catalog creator enables eCat admins to define PDF catalog formats, choosing how they are laid out and the information they contain.  eCat users can select from the pre-defined formats on their iPads to create beautiful PDF catalog presentations in the different formats you define for them.  Users can personalize the catalogs with titles for specific customers, show specific pricing in the catalog, or hide pricing altogether.  Catalogs can be emailed, printed, saved, shared with file sharing services, or opened in other apps.

Check out these instructions to see how you can customize and provide catalog formats to your eCat users.

Be sure to send this training link to your eCat users so they'll know how to take full advantage of this great new feature

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Old iPads & New Features

Posted: Jun 06, 2019

Time flies!  It's hard to believe iPads were introduced to the world over six and a half years ago.  Five months later, the first orders were taken with eCat.  Both iPad and eCat have seen a lot of improvements since then!

Many eCat users use older iPad models.  We want to help you to get full value from your iPad purchase.  So we work hard to ensure eCat performs well on older iPads.  However we also want to use the power of late model iPads to provide awesome new selling tools.  This is why some new eCat features are available only on the newer iPad models that are powerful enough to handle them.

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