**Important eCat FTP Site Changes**

During the period just before the 2019 October High Point market SuperCat's file import servers processed over 25,000 new product photos  totaling over 4.5 terabytes along with more than 10,000 data files!  We're delighted what we were able to handle this load with no problems.  To support further growth and to improve service speed, we are upgrading our eCat FTP server and data import process.  This should reduce import processing time by 90% for certain types of files. 

If your company is currently uploading data files and photos to our server via FTP, these changes will affect you.  Please pass this notice along to your IT team so they can make necessary changes.

Here are the key points you need to know:

1) The new import server is named sftp2.supercatsolutions.com.  It's available for use now.  Your current FTP site username and password work on the new server.

2) The current (legacy) server, sftp.supercatsolutions.com, will continue to receive files through the end of the year.  However, because it is much slower than the new server, we will eventually shut it down.  So we strongly recommend you switch to using the new server soon.

3) Between 8PM and midnight Eastern time on Saturday, November 2, we will make 2 changes:

  • We will copy all your .bak, .failed, and other files from the current server to the new server
  • We will start sending .bak and .failed files to the new server   Note that prior to the Saturday evening migration the .bak and .failed files will be posted to the current (legacy) server as usual, even if files are processed through the new server.

We will be making ongoing server improvements to accommodate our rapid growth.  These will be implemented in ways that will not require any down time or action from you.

Thank you for your continued business.  It's a privilege to serve you!