Check out eCat version 2020.3

eCat version 2020.3 provides powerful Library and order scanning enhancements.

It's now much easier to find your place in large PDF format Library documents.  The barcode scanning feature built into eCat has been completely reworked so it's lightning fast and automatically recognizes the 14 most common barcode types.

Version 2020.3 also delivers enhanced file security on the iPad and lays the groundwork for important new order management functionality to be delivered in the next two versions of eCat.

Check out new thumbnail view for quickly navigating large PDF documents.  Just tap a thumbnail to jump to the desired page.


Drag your finger over the new speedbar at the bottom of the document to quickly find a section/page.


And use the new search feature to find specific products in long price lists, catalogs, and sales reports.


The barcode scanning feature built into eCat that uses the iPad camera  has been completely re-worked.  The camera scanner is much faster and now automatically recognizes all major barcode types.  Click to read more about scanning orders with eCat.