eCat version 2021.5.1 Is Now Available

This version of eCat introduces improvements to ordering custom configurable items and an enhancement to eCat's group scanning feature.

Prevent Ordering Items With Invalid Options

We've introduced a new feature that will be useful for companies using eCat's product configurator.

Over time options that are available for a particular product might be removed or changed. This has the potential to cause problems. If a draft order or quote is written, and then later one of the product options becomes invalid, the order could be submitted with an invalid product option.

Warning users about invalid options

Starting with eCat 2021.5.1, eCat will warn a user if they try to submit an order that contains a product with an option that has become invalid. Additionally, eCat will warn a user if they review an order with an invalid option.

Disabling submission of invalid options

In some cases you may want to allow some users to submit an order with options that are no longer valid. So by default, we will still allow those orders to be submitted. However, if you wish, you can block some or all users in your organization from submitting orders with invalid options.

To disable order submission for invalid options:

  • For your whole organization: Go to the Admin portal -> Tools -> Company settings -> eCat App Behavior and check the box "Required valid options to submit orders."
  • For a particular user group: go to the Admin portal -> Users -> User Groups, then click on the specific user group and modify the option for "Require valid options to submit orders."

Misc. Bugfixes & Usability Improvements

  • Scanning a scan group code that only has one matching item now results in a scan, not displaying the scan group UI
  • Fixed a crash when viewing collections after searching collections