eCat version 2022.5

The latest version of eCat is now available in the App Store. This version of eCat adds powerful new order and list scanning features, a new option for linking PDF presentations to your eCat Online product detail pages, and other order entry and general improvements.

  • Order Scanning Enhancements
  • Order Enhancements
  • Enhanced QR Code Capabilities for PDF Presentations

Order Scanning enhancements

  • Regular/promo/contract prices now display below the quantity fields in the group scanning modal
  • It is now possible to add scanned items to lists with a single tap. This works in the order scanning panel and in the scan group popover. (Note that this feature is not supported when scanning kits and configurable items.)


Order enhancements

  • eCat now displays ship-to email and ship-to phone number in order preview when finalizing orders if these are sent in the customer file. Values are editable by users during order entry and are available for import via SuperCat's standard order import APIs.
  • Improved handling of long values in eCat order header fields
  • Your company may optionally enable users to ‘double discount’ by applying order discounts to order line items that already have promotional pricing or an item-level discount. (Contact SuperCat to enable this.)
  • Scanning QR codes containing URLs for showroom order entry now supports scan groups and option pickers for custom item configuration.

PDF Presentations

  • Add variable for encoding auto-generated eCat Online product details URL in QR codes (for dual purpose showroom scanning/product info lookup with customer BYOD phones)


Other enhancements & bug fixes

  • Improvements to smart SKU # builder for custom items
  • Support alternate staging server hosts
  • Combine force crash and debug info into single button, (no longer forces crash)
  • Bugfix: Fix rare issue where orders were submitted without item details
  • Bugfix: Fix crash when overriding prices on orders with many lines
  • Bugfix: Fix a rare crash activating old orders
  • Bugfix: Fix crash editing kit quantities
  • Tweak: Enable removing an optional option from an edited order item
  • Bugfix: Address various instabilities related to draft orders
  • Bugfix: Sometimes kit prices didn't update after making changes to configured items
  • Bugfix: Crash verifying addresses
  • Bugfix: Crash editing buyer phone number in the Order Review
  • Tweek: When editing order items in Preview Order, disallow saving orders missing required options