Custom Order Header Field Update

We've released improvements to our Custom Order Header Fields feature that make it even more powerful to integrate the eCat

First, what are Custom Order Header fields? eCat and eCat Online include several default header fields, but it's often useful to have reps collect information key to order fulfillment, marketing automation, or other processes specific to your needs. For that we allow you to define custom fields that will be collected at order finalization time and made available in our Order Export process.

You can use it for any number of things:

  • Collect fulfillment related information not included in our default header fields, such as tax ID, secondary PO numbers, etc.
  • Select from a list of marketing campaigns.

What's New

Our recent release allows you to define up to 10 custom fields (up from 3).

Also, in addition to the multi-select option we already supported, we now allow you to collect text, numbers, and dates.

Finally, we allow you to require the user to enter a value in order to submit the order.