Introducing eCat 2023.4

We're delighted to announce eCat version 2023.4! This update brings an array of exciting new features designed to bolster communication, streamline productivity, and enhance your overall user experience. Read on to discover how they can elevate your business operations.

  • eCat Notices: Instant customizable communication
  • Library Badges: Stay updated and informed
  • Edit 'Customer Lists': Tailor your presentations
  • Address Change Notification: Ensure data accuracy
  • Portrait Hang Tags: New customization option
  • eCat Online Product URL: Seamless Integration
  • Email Address Updates: Streamlined Process
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting Support

eCat Notices: Instant Customizable Communication

In eCat 2023.4, we're introducing 'Notices' to enable timely communication with your team. Notices enable you to create, manage and instantly publish messages of up to 350 characters to your teams' eCat devices. Notices temporarily display in a banner at the top of eCat's catalog view. Users can easily dismiss them with a single tap after reading them. To reduce interruption and clutter, after dismissal Notices are not redisplayed. Notices can be targeted to specific user groups to ensuring relevant information reaches the right people. Keep your team connected and informed like never before with the new Notice feature!

  • Communicate critical information to your sales reps instantly.
  • Customize who sees which messages to ensure targeted communication.

Learn more here: eCat Notices | Knowledge Base| SuperCat Solutions

Badges: Stay Updated and Informed

This version of eCat automatically displays a small badge in the form of a red dot to alert users when new content like revised price lists, new sales promotions, fresh sales collateral, or updated training materials are published to the library. This feature ensures that your sales reps are always aware of the latest Library publications, helping them stay ahead of the game. After a new Library entry is viewed, the badge disappears.

  • Keep users informed about new content and updates.
  • Enhance user engagement by highlighting important changes.

Edit 'Customer Lists': Tailor Your Presentations

In this version, we've introduced the ability to edit 'Customer Lists'. Sales reps and other eCat users can now easily re-name customer lists and add, re-sequence, or delete products from lists they've created for specific customers. This powerful tool enables reps to easily prepare and fine tune customer presentations in advance, keep track of items customers are considering, and edit customer 'likes' saved to lists while scanning items at trade shows.

  • Empower your reps to easily maintain customer specific product lists.
  • Simplify organizing products for personalized customer presentations.
  • Increase usage of customer specific lists.

Learn more here: eCat Product Lists | Knowledge Base| SuperCat Solutions

Address Change Notification: Ensure Data Accuracy

eCat 2023.4 simplifies capturing and managing customer address changes. When either bill-to or ship-to addresses are modified in an order, an address change notification is automatically added to the order notes field of both the order email and order PDF. This feature enables order entry and customer service teams to quickly identify when address updates are needed.

  • Improve order accuracy by catching address changes early.
  • Enhance order entry efficiency.

Portrait Hang Tags: Added customization

An extra line of information can now be configured for display below the barcode in the portrait layout PDF presentation tag formats. This added customization option offers greater flexibility in designing showroom hang tags.

  • Publish a 6th row of up to 4 fields on hang tags.
  • Add human readable text below the barcode.

eCat Online Product URL: Seamless Integration

In the previous release (2023.3) we enabled including links to URLs sent in custom product file fields in all PDF and data export presentation formats, simply by selecting them in the presentation format creator dropdown menu. Customers viewing the PDF online can click the field label to view the linked web hosted content. This enhancement enables your sales, showroom and marketing teams to seamlessly incorporate rich product information into their product presentations and data exports.

In this release we've added a special "short product URL" variable that automatically links to your eCat Online product detail page. This variable can be added to presentations and showroom tags to provide complete up-to-date product and inventory information by simply clicking a link when viewing the PDF online. When the product URL is selected as the QR code data source for a showroom label, in addition to scanning the QR code for fast order entry, customers can also scan the QR code with their phones to view eCat Online product and inventory information.

PDF Presentation & Tear Sheet Hyperlink Support

Harness the power of eCat to effortlessly connect your product data across all channels and create an omnichannel experience.

  • Include links to your existing web-hosted assembly instructions, product videos, website product pages, 3D product views, product configurators, live inventory from your ERP system and more in eCat generated PDFs and data exports.
  • Reduce customer service calls by leveraging your existing sales and marketing product assets to send complete product information in every PDF presentation, data export, and product email.

Email Address Updates: Streamlined Process

Users can now update their own email addresses directly from the app by tapping the 'My Account' button in Settings. This is especially helpful for single-sign-on users with multiple eCat accounts. This streamlined process eliminates the need for IT teams to handle email address changes, reducing the workload and support calls for eCat Admins. (Note that the 'Log Out' button is now displayed under 'My Account'.)

  • Simplify the process of updating email addresses for reps.
  • Increase user autonomy and reduce administrative burden.

Learn more here: Updating Account Email | Knowledge Base| SuperCat Solutions

Enhanced Troubleshooting Support

For iPad users, the eCat settings menu now displays both the organization name and user name. Additionally, under Settings\More, single buttons for 'Repair Images' and 'Send Debug Info' will help support teams troubleshoot and fix user reported issues, ensuring a smoother, more efficient support experience.

  • Facilitate support teams in identifying critical user information.
  • Expedite issue resolution for a smoother user experience.

Learn more here: Find eCat Version, Org & User Name | Knowledge Base| SuperCat Solutions

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

In addition to the above new features, eCat 2023.4 includes several smaller usability improvements and bug fixes, further enhancing your team's overall experience. These updates reflect SuperCat's continuing commitment to delivering highly functional reliable sales software to your team.

Encourage your team to upgrade to eCat 2023.4 today and empower your sales reps with the tools they need to succeed.

It's a privilege to serve you. As always, our dedicated support team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns. We're committed to your success and look forward to continuing this journey with eCat!

- The SuperCat Team