Pass this Info to Your Technical Team!

On Saturday 3/14 we made major infrastructure changes as part of our ongoing process to maintain reliability and performance.  These included (1) switching to a new and faster production server, (2) updating critical software to ensure ongoing security and stability, and (3) turning off the legacy FTP server used for importing data and photos.  This was done without any interruption of service.  eCat and eCat Online continue to function normally.  

Please pass the following information on to your tech team to ensure your data updates continue to work normally.

If your company's eCat FTP process has not yet been updated in accordance with prior announcements, the changes just made will disable your data updates.

  • If you use the old as the FTP address for your file imports, file uploads will start to fail with an error message. Please switch the FTP server address to
  • All historical FTP files have been removed from our legacy FTP server, If you need access to these files, please use The files are all there.
  • We will not continue generating placements and commitments reports on the legacy FTP server, Please start fetching reports from
  • Please note! We will be shutting down the legacy FTP server, on March 31, 2020. Please change your FTP server address to to avoid interruption of service.

As always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.  It's our pleasure to serve you!

SuperCat Solutions Client Success Team