eCat version 2023.1

The latest version of eCat is now available in the App Store. This version of eCat adds Resource Library navigation enhancements, improved alerts for required order header fields, and other general improvements.

  • Library Now Supports PDF Page Thumbnail View
  • Improved Error Messaging for Required Order Header Fields
  • Improved Image Download Reliability

We've released 2023.1. See our full list of release notes. Here are some highlights you might be interested in.

PDF Thumbnails

When viewing Flipbooks and other PDF library documents, you can now view page thumbnails for the whole document. This adds another way to navigate larger documents easily.

For more about our document library, see our documentation: Resource Library (Admin) | Knowledge Base.

Required Header Fields

If PO number is required (in Company Settings), or if an Order Custom Field is required, we now provide a friendlier way for the user to know how to fix the missing field.

For more about order custom fields, see our documentation: Custom Order Header Fields | Knowledge Base

Image download reliability

Some of you may have experienced a behavior, usually before a Market, where uploading a batch of images, then immediately synchronizing eCat can lead to some of those images never showing up on the iPad. We have fixed several contributing factors and are hopeful that these issues are a thing of the past!

For a full list of changes for this release, please see the release notes.