Introducing eCat 2023.3

We are excited to release the latest version of eCat, 2023.3 with even richer PDF presentations, branded barcode tags, new sort options and more! This update introduces a range of new features designed to help your team work more efficiently and sell more effectively. Read on to discover how this new version of eCat can benefit your business!

  • Sort & Filter by Product Classification
  • Include Links in PDF Presentations/Catalogs
  • Add Company Logo to Showroom Barcode Labels
  • View Pricing in Related Items Views
  • New Duplicate Scan Warning for Showroom Order Entry

Sort and Filter by product classification

In response to your feedback, eCat 2023.3 introduces the ability to sort and filter your eCat catalog and lists by product tradename, collection, group, category or any custom product field sent in the product file. You can implement any sorts and filters needed by your company in the eCat admin console under path 'Products | Custom fields'.

Using these new sort options in combination with powerful filter and search features, eCat users can tailor presentations to more quickly match products to customer interests and needs. For example,

  • sort product collections by product type to focus on specific item categories
  • sort product lighting placement audits by location e.g. 'ceiling', 'wall', 'outdoor' to align display audit lists with the way a customer's showroom is organized for efficient verification
  • sort gallery display audits by tradename, to ensure brands are well represented in showrooms
  • sort MyLists sorted by collection or category to group items with complementary styling or function together
  • Filter the catalog and product lists by brand or category to show only items of interest to a specific customer
  • Sort the catalog by sales rank, color, style, price or any other value published in a product file field
  • and much more by simply sorting and filter any view or list in eCat based on business needs

Include Links in PDF Presentations/Catalogs

As of this eCat version it is now possible to include any of your company's web hosted assets or tools in PDF product presentations created with eCat. This exciting enhancement enables your eCat admin to include eCat's URL custom product fields as clickable links in PDF presentation format definitions. Adding links to PDF presentations enables sales teams to instantly create personalized PDF presentations that leverage all of your company's web hosted marketing, technical, and other collateral, providing in one place all the information the customer needs for product selection, sales training, and other purposes. From detailed spec sheets, live inventory, assembly instructions, and MSDS sheets to captivating Augmented Reality renderings and links to product configuration tools - the possibilities are endless.

By leveraging clickable custom fields, you can:

  • Provide access to in-depth information and resources directly in your PDF presentations.
  • Engage and educate customers with interactive PDF presentations
  • Save reps and customer service time by linking the most requested information upfront as part of product information or order emails.

Learn more here: Define PDF Presentation Formats | Knowledge Base| SuperCat Solutions

Add Your Company Logo to Barcode Labels and Hang Tags

As an enhancement to eCat's flexible barcode tag printing feature eCat v2023.3 it's now possible to create tag formats with or without your company's document logo to suit specific needs. For example, you may want to include logos on showroom labels so customers who photograph price tags during trade shows can easily identify your company later on, but you may not need logos on barcode labels used for internal company purposes. With the addition of this new feature as many showroom tag formats as needed can be created in the eCat admin console under 'Formats | Presentation Formats' as follows.

  • Enter a name for the label format (used for format selection)
  • Select one of 5 standardAvery compatible label layouts
  • Choose whether or not to display your company's document logo
  • Choose a barcode data source (UPC value, item number, scan group code, custom scan value, or product detail page URL)
  • Select a barcode symbology (no barcode, UPC-A, Code-128, QR)
  • Select up to 20 informational fields to display on the tag (five rows of four fields each)

View Pricing in Related Items views

In response to user requests, eCat 2023.3 now displays pricing under the collection and related items thumbnail photos in eCat's Product Detail view. This update simplifies product evaluation by displaying the selected catalog price for quick reference When applicable customer contract price, promo price, or quantity break price are also shown. So now sales teams can efficiently compare prices and make informed decisions without extra taps.

By showing prices in the collection and related items view, you can:

  • Quickly view pricing information for multiple related products without leaving the primary product's screen.
  • Streamline decision-making by eliminating the distraction of unnecessary steps
  • Improve efficiency and productivity when evaluating products

New Duplicate Scan Warnings Enhance Order Accuracy

Accidental duplicate scans can lead to order inaccuracy and disrupt showroom workflow. eCat 2023.3 adds non-interruptive audio (special tone) and visual (alert in bold red font) warnings when an item already present on the order is scanned. This helps maintain order accuracy and prevent errors without interrupting the order entry workflow.

  • Reduce order errors by receiving gentle warnings for duplicate item scans without interrupting work flow.
  • Ensure smooth showroom operations with improved order accuracy.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by delivering error-free orders.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

In addition to the above headlining features, eCat 2023.3 includes a number of improvements to enhance usability and address bugs. These updates reflect SuperCat's commitment to delivering highly functional and reliable sales software to your team.

As always, our dedicated support team is here to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. We are committed to your success and are excited to continue supporting your journey with eCat.