Use eCat to build sales, turn inventory faster, improve customer service, provide quick feedback on sales activity, and reduce sales material cost. Reps can make more sales calls. Managers can quickly access detailed product sales, cost, gross margin and other information. Dealers have an always up-to-date product catalog with current inventory information. Designers can monitor their product development projects and more easily work with vendors. Configure eCat to meet the specific needs of all your team members!

Make eCat yours...

Brand eCat with your company logos and cover image. Use simple tools on your eCat admin portal to change them as often as you wish.

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  • Show your Brand
  • Show your brand
  • Logo Buttons

Keep up-to-date

The latest product, pricing, inventory, and customer information automatically syncs from eCat's cloud server to our users' iPads. So your management and sales teams can always have the latest product information, prices, and photography.

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Reps don’t call as much as they used to for product details such as the wattage of a lamp, shade size and availability because they’ve already got it. I’ve reduced by a third the number of calls per day. Reps send in orders via email rather than by faxing them in, making the system much more efficient for everyone. Erin Yevak, sales and marketing manager, Wildwood Lamps and Accents/Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture

Focus on your products

eCat is designed for speed, simplicity, and beautiful presentation. eCat's controls stay in the background. Your product is center stage.

View products three ways...

  1. Browse rapidly with Quick View
  2. Present product beautifully with Full Screen View
  3. Get extensive product info in Details View. Quickly access components, related item, and other items in same collection/product family.

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  • Quick (Grid) View
  • Presentation View
  • Details View
What a terrific tool! I traveled this week and used my customized stacks for three different sales meetings, made four different presentations with it and emailed purchased items to the account. It is awesome. The combination of our catalog shots plus the walk thrus is a presentation dream. Jim, Century Furniture sales rep

Get the latest details

Check current inventory numbers in multiple warehouses. Check for next arrival date and quantity by warehouse. View product materials, features, instructions, and other specifications. Read the product story. Use unlimited custom fields to send all of your company's product data to eCat.

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eCat is amazingly powerful for something so simple to use. It's changed the way I work in significant and unexpected ways because I'm so close to and engaged with what's happening with our merchandise, inventory, and orders. I see a copy of every order the minute it comes in so I can interact with the reps right away about what they are doing for the company and customers. Every night I go through the product by category to see what's happening with the lines, what vendors are delivering, where we are out of stock, and how the promos are selling. The amount of information I'm getting by looking at our product lines and orders visually like this is absolutely incredible. I can't imagine now what I'd do without it. Charles Hoffman, President, Sarreid Ltd.

Enable users to quickly find what customers need

  • Publish marketing brands and collections for quick access
  • Classify products by functional group and category to simplify search.
  • Define custom product filters for rapid drill-down
  • Create special product groupings in self-maintaining 'SmartStacks' published to selected users. Use these for special promotions, showroom walk throughs, best seller lists, direct container programs or whatever you can imagine!

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  • Collections
  • Smart Stacks
  • Product Types
eCat is really easy to use, even for people without tech backgrounds. The sales reps and everyone in the home office have embraced the use of the app. When reps show a sales presentation, it is more effective and organized than when they used to do it, fumbling around with loose leaf pictures or catalogs. Reps can organize their own stacks in order to customize a presentation to the dealer. Creating a personalized portfolio of images means our reps don’t waste the buyer’s time. This has definitely resulted in more sales. Moore Councill, President, Moore Councill Furniture

Organize and distribute your company's literature, forms, and videos

Use your eCat portal Library management page to create sections. Then organize sales literature, newsletters, forms, price lists, videos, and other materials in your eCat Library. Distribute library entries selectively based on user group. Users can view library documents in eCat print them, forward them to others by email, and open them in other iPad apps.

The library is organized into sections, each of which contains one or more entries. Entries can be documents (files), or they can be links to files, videos, web sites, etc. accessed over the Internet.

I want you to know we ARE LOVING the new LIBRARY! Such a great way to provide our reps with customer forms, photos, social media and video links, and so much more! Great work! Shane Newcomb, General Manager, Accessories Abroad

Enable users to send product information to customers

Just touch photos to select products, then email or print product presentations - with or without prices. Customers can click email thumbnails to view and print full page 'tearsheets' with product details and story. Customize email content for your company and by user group.

Click to view:

  • Tap to select items
  • Create and send email
  • Share Tear Sheets
eCat is a better solution than I bargained for, especially when I take into consideration the powerful marketing-emailing tool that is present in the app. It's value is priceless. Today I issued an edict that it is mandatory that each rep spend one day a week emailing product and offer promotions tailored their specific customer. Stanley Falinski, President, Dasch PTY

Close more sales!

eCat speeds and simplifies your company's sales process. Users can review a saved presentation with the customer on site and take the order. Or email the presentation and quickly convert to an order when the customer responds. Scan orders at trade shows to keep the focus on your interaction with the customer instead of on an order pad.

  • Set a price level for the order, apply discounts by order line or for the entire order.
  • Select options when ordering items, including matrix priced options for upholstery, frames, finishes, etc.
  • Easily adjust orders to efficiently fill trucks or ocean containers.
  • View order sub-totals by product type to comply with discount programs.
  • And much more!
More news from Northern Antartica... I previously told you of the parlous state of the economy in Tasmania. This is the worst winter in many years. We just returned from The North and Northwest. Launceston was down to -2⁰ and Devonport -3. But now to a brighter outlook. As you have seen we have had our first few orders using eCat on the iPad and it is fantastic. When I called on Kings Meadows News and Lotto I was met with “I won’t be ordering anything until the Gift Fair” I said just have a look at the range so you know what is available, handed her the iPad and told her to scroll through and press the Maybe button if she saw something she liked. This ended up with a very nice order. Much the same with the next two orders. I doubt I would have got this size order with the hard copy catalogue and possibly not even an order! - John & Cherie, sales representatives, Dasch Design Ltd.